Seit 30 Jahren der Experte für Gruppenreisen

„Good Old  Bavaria“

500 Years of Bavarian Beer on the basis of lawful purity

10 Days Trip across the Beer Paradise Of Frankonia & Bavaria

For Bus and Flight Groups – shorter trip program available.

The German Purity Regulation secures the Beer Quality since roundabout 500 years

In 1516 Duke Wilhelm IV. and his brother Ludwig X. issued an enactment for the Bavarian national drink. The beer was supposed to be inexpensive, well tasting and especially pure.

This regulation was effective for whole Bavaria- only barley, hop and water was allowed to be used for the beer production.

Later on barley malt had to be used. Adding yeast happened in later times. Continously additions to the purity law became effective. The expansion of the law exceeding the Bavarian Country progressed constantly. German beer is to be produced within Germany according to the law even nowadays, restricted to the use of malt, hop, yeast and water. Thus the purity law of 1516 is the oldest still valid food legislation worldwide.

The latest Trend: Minibreweries

Join us on the trip through the beerland Bavaria. We will show you not only the huge breweries, but the main target will be the „Craftbeer-Breweries“ with their own philosophy:

Craft means handwork production. Meanwhile the small breweries are using the very best technology and the profound engineering education of the respective brewmaster team. Openness and courage for new, surprising taste experience and the care of traditional beer styles – that is the new brewing philosophy. A small unit, highest quality and excellent hop and malt varietis. I.e. quality is more important than quantity. There are smaller breweries producing only for selling the beer in its own restaurant. Each south tastes differently, each variety has its particular aroma depending on the use of specific springwater and hop. Even formerly internationally produced beerkinds revive and show diversity which is still part of the purity law.

During your trip you will learn whatever you would like to know about the ancient brewing methods – the brewer preparing the spicesbasis at open fire, the carpenter plaining the stave, the smith hammering the red hot steel rings, the glass blower forming noble cups......hopplanters, grain farmers, malt producers are since ever providing the raw materials for pure beer. You will get to know the bavarian brewing art.

Frankonia- Homeland of Beer

During your travel just follow the track of the liquid gold and discover Beerland Frankonia!
A fresh Frankonian Seidla Beer gleaming golden in the glass will by far top the experts palate joy.
The beer diversity and the number of breweries in Frankonia is unbeaten within Europe.
It's a real pleasure to see the Frankonians enyoing their beer in quaint brewery restaurants and inns, beergardens below huge chestnut trees as well as celebrating beerparties.

Bavaria- Nr.1 of Beer Consumption

According to the Bavarian Beer Association Bavaria is by far Beerland Nr.1 within Germany, representing the most breweries including the big Oktoberfestival breweries and numerous small and medium sized breweries. Especially in High Frankonia people estimate the regionally brewed beer.

In Bavaria only 50% of the beersale is done by the big breweries, whereas within the remaing Germany 75%.

Bavarian Specialities

During your trip you will be served Bavarian Specialities from all regions of Bavaria, not limited to Obatzta (white cheese speciality), porc rips, white sausage, and sauted sausage.


Travel Itinerary

10-day-package „Good Old Bavaria“

Trip across the beerland Frankonia and Bavaria, 500 years of Bavarian Purity Law for Beer.

Day 1

Flight Group. Picking up of guests at Frankfurt Airport, start of bus trip
Bus Group: Departure in Frankfurt (if requested from place of residence)

Rendezvous at Frankfurt Airport to get picked up by our designated bus for the entire tour. Our first stop is the wine village Erlenbach near Würzburg, visiting the winery “Deppisch”.  After a tour through the vineyard and the cellar, we are invited to a barbecue with music and a wine tasting. Beer is also on tap. Then it’s off to our hotel near the heart of Bamberg also called “Little Venice”. Afterwards trip to area of Bamberg, hotel stay.

Day 2
After breakfast: Following a great night of sleep and a traditional German style breakfast, we’ll depart to the Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, a church located near the town of Staffelstein. The late Baroque-Rococo basilica was constructed between 1743 and 1772.

Next on the itinerary is a guided in depth brewery tour with the Head Brewer at the Monastery Brewery. The tavern offers “smoked and dried meats” specialties from their own Charcuterie in their beautiful beer garden.
In the afternoon it’s on to a micro-brewery featuring a tasting of unfiltered beer and a light regional snack. Then it’s back to our hotel in Bamberg.

Day 3
Following breakfast, we will explore Bamberg, the home of the best smoked beer on the planet, and some of the finest cuisine (Bavarian style) in Europe. Our guide will give us a tour through “little Venice” and then to one of my all-time favorite breweries in the world: the “SCHLENKERLA” Yes, that is a big statement, but you can tell me what you think. Located in the heart of the old part of Bamberg, directly beneath the mighty cathedral, the Schlenkerla was first mentioned in 1405 and now run by the Trum family in the 6th generation. You’ll be introduced to the ancient tradition of brewing smoked beer by the head brewer himself. We will enjoy specially prepared food by a good friend Wolfgang, a master chef who is doing this magic for over 10 years at the Schlenkerla. It is an “old” tradition that the “Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier” at the brewery’s tavern is tapped from an oak barrel. After a great meal and the tasting of their smoked beers, we enter a short boat ride on the Regnitz river that runs through this historical, beautiful and unforgettable city. The rest of the day you’re on your own to discover the diversity of local restaurants with their beautiful outdoor atmosphere. Have a great dinner and tour the “Altstadt” of Bamberg. After this event filled day, its back to the hotel, and some zzzzzz’s

Day 4
Savor another breakfast and we’re off to Forchheim, a town a bit south of Bamberg. Forchheim is a former royal city and is called the “Gateway to the Franconian Switzerland”. We will start off with a guided city tour, and then we’ll be met by the brewery owner of a private craft brewery who will give us an in-depth tour of his brewery.
Afterwards trip to area of Regensburg, hotel stay (alternatively in the “Altmühltal” region).

Day 5
After Frühstück (breakfast), we will enjoy a guided city tour in one of the most unique and beautiful cities in Bavaria -  Regensburg situated on the Danube River, is known for its well-preserved medieval core. The 12th-entury Stone Bridge, a 310m-long icon with 16 arches, crosses the river to the old town. The 13th-century Regensburg Cathedral, a twin-spired Gothic landmark, is home to the Regensburger Domspatzen choir. Walhalla, a Parthenon replica just east of the city, honors illustrious Germans.
We will then board a river boat for a scenic trip on the Danube from Kelheim to the Weltenburg Monastery, the oldest Monastery in Bavaria. Here you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in their world famous Dark Beer - one of a kind - and discuss what gives it such a unique flavor with the brewer.

Then it’s off to meet the brewer at Schneider Weisse. Witness the art of craft brewing of wheat beer and indulge . The wheat beer specialists of the Schneider brewery are regularly awarded at international competitions. This proves that they are justly considered as world classics. A unique variety of distinguishing wheat beer specialties is being brewed at Bavaria’s oldest wheat brewery strictly following the Reinheitsgebot.

After lunch we head off to visit the largest plantation of hops in the world through the Hallertau region. The grower will meet with us to discuss availability of hops in Europe. Then we’re heading to the vicinity of Ingolstadt  -   the heart of Bavaria and the home of Audi. Overnight stay will be again in the “ Altmühltal” Region. Now it’s crash time at our hotel.

Afterwards trip to area of Ingolstadt, hotel stay (alternatively in the “Altmühltal” region).

Day 6
Following breakfast, we’re heading off to Freising, the Bavarian Center of the beer brewing industry:  We will stop at the Kuchlbauer Tower, an observation tower on the grounds of the Kuchlbauer Brewery. The Tower is 112‘ high topped with a 12 ton gold-plated observation ball. We will take a tour around the tower and if time permits, we will go inside the tower with its collection of 4.200 Weissbier glasses, along with an exhibition on the brewing process.

Then off to the Hofbrauhaus in Freising and the state owned brewery Weihenstephan. It’s only been brewing since 1040!!  Where were you when they started? Behind the historical walls you’ll witness the most advanced production equipment, combined with highly tech methods, producing the highest quality beers with the results as in former times. Our host here will be the production manager who will be able to explain how they have integrated advanced technology into traditional brewing methods. Beer tasting and food again - yes, and some of the best.
Now it’s heading to München (Munich), the home of so many interesting and historic places.
hotel stay.

Day 7
After breakfast - the most important meal of the day, we’ll take a guided city tour through Munich and at the “Altstadt” we will walk all around the theme of beer and beer history. We will have some free time to explore the city, have lunch on our own and meet again to end the tour with a visit at the Beer and Octoberfest museum, which includes a beer tasting. We then will have a 3 course dinner at the Museum including a 15 liter barrel of beer. We’ll draw who is tapping it! Then back to the hotel and a good night's rest.

Day 8
After breakfast: guided tour in Munich. Visit Paulaner Brewery Complex and experiende a typical Bavarian brewing method, the brewmaster will offer you fresh and fine beers. Enjoy the authentic regional cooking and cordial hospitality.

Next will be the legendary Hofbräuhaus in Munich at the Platzl where cosiness and rituals concerning the golden barleydrink are of importance. Thousands  of national and international guests per day are enjoying the regional cooking, music and folk dance, the waiters are wearing regional costumes. Then it’s back to our hotel.

Day 9
After our traditional breakfast we will enjoy a relaxing day, before we all depart back to our roots.
The bus will bring us to lake Schliersee. This small lake offers amazing views to start our hike** to the Tegernsee, a larger lake in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. This medium level hike will take us past small ponds, local farms with farm animals roaming and leads past 3 huts/cottages all serving beer, food and snacks and offering great views themselves. We will take advantage of their hospitality and make us wonder why we live in big cities!  At the last hut, we get a great view over the Tegernsee and our destination: The Tegernseer Bräustuben, a fantastic beer garden and restaurant on the ground of an over 1.000 year old Monastery on the lake side. We will have free time afterwards to relax on the lake and check out the city before we all meet for a final dinner on our last day of this great trip.

** Can’t join us on the hike, we’ll bring you to the Tegernsee so you can explore the city, take a tour on the lake, visit one of the resorts in this Wellness Town. Return to hotel.

Day 10
After our last breakfast together, we will strat the transfer to the airport in Munich. If you leave at a later time we're sure find some interesting things to to in the morning and at noon.

Flight groups: Departure to Airport Munich
Bus groups: Departure to Frankfurt ( or to your residence)


Changes in the travel path, the hotel locations and the breweries, are subject to modifications due to organisation- and weather-related circumstances.


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500 Jahre Bayerisches Rein-heitsgebot für Bier

10 Tage-Reise durch das „Bierland Franken & Bayern“

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500 Years
of Bavarian Beer on the basis of lawful purity

10 Days Trip across the "Beer Paradise of Frankonia & Bavaria"

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Travel Package

Well equipped and modern coach available from day 1 to 10
Flight Groups:

Start: Airport Frankfurt a.M.
Departure: Airport Munich

Bus Groups:
Start: Frankfurt a.M. (or residence)
Departure: Frankfurt a.M.(or residence)

    9 x overnights in double room in ***/****Hotels
    3 x w/ breakfastbuffet in or around Bamberg
    1 x w/ breakfastbuffet in or around Regensburg*
    1 x w/ breakfastbuffet in or around Ingolstadt*
    4 x w/ breakfastbuffet in or around Munich

*instead Regensburg and Ingolstadt, alternative stay in a Hotel in “Altmühltal/area Kelheim”

    1 x visit at the Winery “Deppisch” in the Wine Village of Erlenbach
    1 x wine cellar tour
    1 x wine tasting
    1 x barbeque and music
    1 x drive to the pilgrimage of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, near Staffelstein
    1 x visit the Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers
    1 x guided tour of the Monastery Brewery incl. a beer tasting
    1 x micro-brewery tour in Lohfeld
    1 x beer tasting
    1 x regional snack
    1 x professional guided city tour of Bamberg
    1 x visit the “Schlenkerla” brewery
    1 x tasting of smoked beer
    1 x great food
    1 x boat trip in “little Venice” Bamberg
    1 x short city tour (1hour) in Forchheim
    1 x craft-brewery visit
    1 x visit a brewery taproom in the forest
    1 x tasting of different beers
    1 x great food
    1 x professional guided city tour of Regensburg
    1 x boat trip on the Danube River from Kehlheim to the Weltenburg Monastery
    1 x visit the Monastery brewery
    1 x beer tasting of dark Monastery beer
    1 x visit the „Schneider Weisse“ brewery
    1 x tasting of wheat beer
    1 x great food
    1 x drive through the largest hop plantation in the world
    1 x visit the “Hundertwasser Observation Tower” (if time permits we will tour the inside
         Entrance Fee is NOT included) 
    1 x visit the Hofbrauhaus in Freising
    1 x visit the “Weiherstephan” brewery
    1 x beer tasting of their beer
    1 x great food
    1 x professional guided city tour of Munich
    1 x guided visit to the Munich Beer- and Octoberfestmuseum
    1 x great food
    1 x aged barrel beer with food
    1 x visit a home brewery
    1 x brewing course / hands on
    1 x beer tasting
    1 x great food
    1 x visit the Andechs Monastery
    1 x professional guided hike from Schliesee to Tegernsee
    1 x final dinner w/Bavarian specialties 

Package Price:
On demand (dependent on travel period and number of participants)

Schedule: on demand
Any applicable taxes and bed taxes have to be paid directly at the hotel.
Minimum number of participants: 25 persons

1.) The appointments and the names of the individual breweries are interchangeable and, dependent on the travel period and the number of participants!
2.) On special request also shorter programs are possible!

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